Tri Phase Experience


May 14 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Tri Phase Experience

Brand new for 2023!!

Enter: The entries are now CLOSED. If you wish to enter please ring the office on 01829 708241.

We’re trying something new this year – come and join us for a tri-phase experience day. Never been to Kelsall before? This is the perfect way to experience all of our facilities for yourself in just one day!


The Dressage phase will take place in the Lake View Arena with the warm up taking place in the Lake Side Arena. Both arenas are surfaced providing good footing within all weather conditions.

The dressage test you ride will depend upon which height you request to jump.

Dressage tests will be as follows:
70cm: BE97
80cm: BE96
90cm: BE96
100cm: BE107

You will be given an exact dressage time. These will be published online the day before.


The Show Jumping phase will take place in the Grandstand Indoor Arena (72m x 45m) and warming up in the Primrose Indoor Arena (60m x 30m). Showjumping will run throughout the day, with given intervals for each height. You will need to declare on arrival at the warm-up.

Heights will be 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1m.

This phase will not be timed or judged.

Cross Country

You may jump any fences you choose cross country – and pick your own line. Although you are permitted to re-present to fences you encounter problems at, you must aim to ride a course, and not persistently circle.

Please declare on arrival at the warm-up. Back protectors must be worn cross country.

This phase will not be timed, however you can wear a stop watch and the optimum times will be provided.


Entry cost – £55

Entries will be open at the start of next week.

The entry fee includes VAT.

See here for our refund policy.

Rules and Format

This is not a competition!

Current vaccination rules and requirements apply to this event. All horses/ponies must be up to date with annual flu vaccinations.

What To Wear

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! This isn’t a competition, so any colour breeches are permitted for all phases.

You must wear an up to standard hat for all phases and an up to standard body protector for the Cross-Country phase. If an air jacket is worn, this must be worn over a standard body protector.

Abandonment & Cancellation of the Experience Day

In the case of any of the following, all entries will be refunded minus a £12 cancellation fee.

Abandonment means a decision not to run events, or any part therefore, for

(i) safety reasons caused by adverse weather or poor light which are beyond the reasonable control of the organiser;

(ii) where an event has experienced a serious medical emergency such that continuation of that fixture is deemed by BE not to be in the interest of the sport and competitors/officials/volunteers;

(iii) if Eventing is prohibited or advised against by the UK Government or a government agency either regionally or nationally as a result of a notifiable diseases

Cancellations and Withdrawals

All withdrawals must be put in writing to

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