Rider Safety

24/7 Assistance

Your Safety is Our Priority!

We encourage all riders to ride with the utmost respect for the safety of themselves and others. Please read these guidelines carefully:

The staff at Kelsall Hill are fully committed to providing a safe riding experience for their clients.

We’re a family business and when you join us on our farm you become part of our family: we take our responsibility to look after you very seriously and you will find all our facilities extremely well maintained.

We have safe and secure parking, please close the gates once you’re in the car park and again when you leave.

There’s no road work at all once you’re on site so no traffic problems.

However, as we all know, the world of riding is never risk free so we do expect that all riders participating in activities at Kelsall Hill are covered by their own insurance for damage to property, loss, theft, accident or injury.

When you are out on the course we encourage clients to carry their mobile phones so that they can get in touch immediately if there’s an accident. You can call us on 07809 689972, please save this number on your phone just in case you need it.

If you do fall off and need help, please just stay where you are, call us and we will come to you, please don’t be tempted to get back on your horse and carry on.

All riders must wear approved hard hats.