Atkinson Action Horse Performance-SOLD OUT


Feb 12 2022


3:30 am - 8:00 pm

Atkinson Action Horse Performance-SOLD OUT


12/02/2022 Doors open 3.30pm

Where to come to:

When you’re ready to come please enter the building through reception, we’ll check you in, if you haven’t got your tickets printed we’ll need your payment confirmation and order number, we’ll give you a stamp or wrist band and then you can go back outside to shop at Hope Valley Saddlery or The Regal Fox if you wish, or grab some refreshments and your seats.


There are no numbers on your tickets so please come early if you want to sit in a specific place or with a specific group

Please remember that the Grandstand Arena isn’t heated, please dress appropriately for the temperature.

We cannot guarantee that those who come later will be able to sit together.


Refreshments and a bar will be available from when the doors open to when the centre closes at 10pm

A limited menu of food will be available in Urchin’s Kitchen before the performance, in the interval and afterwards for a limited period.

To purchase hot/cold food you’ll need to pay at reception and then take your receipt to the service counter to get your order.,  you’ll be able to buy drinks and nibbles off the bar.

Time table:

3.30pm  Our doors will be open for checking in.

3.30pm  to 4.00pm Ben will be available for VIP ticket holders to meet and chat to about his amazing liberty horse training techniques,

VIP ticket holders will be given wrist bands  and will be offered a glass of fizz and canapes will be served.

5:10 pm  There’ll be a call to take your seats.

5.25pm   A brief introduction to the performance and housekeeping rules.

5:30pm   Performance starts:    ACT 1.

6:15pm  Intermission, Ben will again be available for VIP ticket holders to meet.

6:45pm Enjoy the duck show.

7:15pm  Performance starts again:  ACT 2.

8:00pm Ben will be available in the Primrose Suite for all ticket holders to meet.

After 8pm, please feel free to enjoy some food and have a drink before you go in Urchin’s Kitchen.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any queries about your tickets, timings or anything else please let me know.


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