Lakeview Arena

This is the larger of our outdoor arenas and can also boast a water complex making it an ideal feature for practicing your cross country skills in winter. Lakeview is normally split so that there’s a 20m x 50m flat arena available for hire and also for our liveries to use when permitted.

There are two outdoor arenas for you to enjoy.

We call them Lakeview and Lakeside for fairly obvious reasons when you’re on site you’ll understand.

The arenas have ‘wet’ surfaces are not not waxed, they are irrigated in dry periods to ensure good footing for horses.

The arenas are available for hire individually or together depending on your needs. They can be booked by individuals, groups and clubs.

Please call the office to make a booking. We do not take bookings via the website, email, facebook or any other social media route.

If you would like to check if a facility is available when you require, please click here to complete an enquiry form. This does NOT constitute a booking.

We will give you a call to confirm details and availability. Until that happens, this is NOT a confirmed booking.


Our arenas are used for competitions and so please book in and check before arriving that we have the arenas set for your purpose.

There are no floodlights for the outdoor arenas.

Lakeside Arena

This arena has two steps and a ramp making it an ideal compliment to Lakeview for our winter arena eventing series and has ditches, for 80cm to 100cm competitors, built in.