The farm ride was the first facility that we added to our portfolio.

The route depends on the time of year and what’s on so it constantly evolves according to the season giving you a different experience as you meander around the farm. The route in summer tends to hug the farm boundaries so you’ll find yourself adjacent to grass fields an on tracks in the shadow of Primrose Hill Woods which is part of Delamere Forest.

The route is about 6.5 miles long and takes about an hour and half depending on your appetite to jump the optional fences that are out there and your normal travelling speed. The route is changed regularly so please don’t assume the route will be same and please do not open any gates you find that are closed, these may be keeping the cattle where they are supposed to be. To see the latest route please click here

The course is marked so you shouldn’t get lost!

The route offers stunning views of Cheshire’s countryside and there can be no place better on a sunny day.

The water complex that we use for BE horse trials is normally part of the farm ride when the courses aren’t in use, to check the current status of the water complex please click on the facilities status button at the top of page.

There are always natural hazards along the way such as mole hills, rabbit burrows, branches, stones and cattle so please keep an eye out for these as they may appear overnight, there are also unnatural hazards such as helium balloons  which can drift onto the farm in wind from parties, please let us know if you see any hazards by reporting them to the office, if you can use a pin drop or what3words we can identify where you’ve found them and resolve any issues.

Please call the office to make a booking. We do not take bookings via the website, email, facebook or any other social media route.

If you would like to check if a facility is available when you require, please click here to complete an enquiry form. This does NOT constitute a booking.

We will give you a call to confirm details and availability. Until that happens, this is NOT a confirmed booking.

Clothing & Equipment

  1. All riders must wear correctly fitted BSI Hats to the current safety standard.  (PAS 015, VG1 01040, ASTM F1163 – (2004a or 04a onwards), SNELL E2001 or E2006, AS or NZS (3838 2006 onwards).
  2. Skull caps must be worn if you are planning to jump.
  3. Approved riding footwear must be worn.
  1. Up to standard (purple label 2009) Body Protectors are highly recommended for riding round the farm ride and essential if you are planning to jump.


Using the farm ride

  1. Make sure you have the centre phone number on your phone 07809 689972.
  2. A map is available from the office if required.
  1. Horses are not to be on the farm ride if it is being maintained or if equipment is being moved.
  2. Stick to your start time.
  1. Follow the arrowed route.
  2. Please be aware that at certain times of the year, the farm ride or part of may be shut for our BE events, maintenance or farming.
  3. There is different terrain over the route, please take due care and walk until you are familiar with the route.
  4. Please walk when inside the woodland, animals and birds that inhabit woodland can easily startle a horse.
  5. Keep a lookout for rabbit holes, rocks or fallen branches, please report any hazards.
  6. Be aware there are 3 footpaths which run through our farm ride. Please be considerate and polite to walkers and dogs and other riders, let them know you are coming, greet them in a friendly way and pass them at a walk with plenty of room.
  1. If you are planning to jump, please check the take offs, landings and surface to make sure that they are safe to ride on prior to jumping.  If you start jumping it is deemed that you have approved the safety of the going, take offs and landings and jumps.
  2. The route goes around the edge of the farm and there is barbed wire and electric fence in place to keep the cows in. Please be careful around these areas and keep your distance, please report any breakages or dangerous fencing.
  3. Read the signage carefully. DO NOT ignore any signs stating an instruction.
  4. Please respect any strung off areas, do not ride in them or move the string.
  5. Look out for vehicles.
  6. No dogs are to be taken around the farm ride unless they are accompanied by someone not riding and they MUST be on a lead at all times.




Of off-road riding

Flagged and anchored fences

Set In Acres

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