The XC Training Field is now open.  A seperate course wll be available over the winter months, following our BE and Hunter Trials competitions.


We have a cross country schooling field available for hire.

Originally created by David Evans in 2010 this facility continues to be developed under the watchful gaze of Dominic Lawrence.

Fences start from small in the region of 50cm up to BE Novice which is 1.10m, there are no intermediate fences on the field.

The field has all of the main questions that rider combinations would expect to see on an eventing course and with questions that might suit grass roots to more advanced riders.

Please call the office to make a booking. We do not take bookings via the website, email, facebook or any other social media route.

If you would like to check if a facility is available when you require, please click here to complete an enquiry form. This does NOT constitute a booking.

We will give you a call to confirm details and availability. Until that happens, this is NOT a confirmed booking.


There’s a water complex complete with quarry , a ski jump, trakehner, ditches, coffins, steps and a whole range of portable options. As most of the fences that join the permanent elements are portable we do not have permanent take offs and landings so that we can offer good footing without it being too hard for youngsters. Fences that cannot be moved have permanent takeoffs and landings where necessary.

The portable fences are moved periodically to rest tired ground so the field keeps changing so it there’s always something new.

The facility is available to hire for individuals, groups and clubs.

If you are using the facility it will be deemed that you have read and accepted our terms of use.

Your safety is of paramount importance to us so its imperative that you use this facility using a body protector and hard hat that meets the current BE standard.

Clothing & Equipment

  1. All riders must wear correctly fitted BSI Skull Caps to the current safety standard.  (PAS 015, VG1 01040, ASTM F1163 – (2004a or 04a onwards), SNELL E2001 or E2006, AS or NZS (3838 2006 onwards)
  2. Approved riding footwear must be worn
  1. Up to standard (purple label 2009) Body Protectors are compulsory


Using the BE Cross Country course

  1. Make sure you have the centre phone number on your phone 07809 689972.
  1. Stick to your start and finish time.
  2. Some of the jumps may also be closed for ground or jump repair.
  3. Horses are not to go onto the course if it is being maintained or if equipment is being moved without permission from Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre staff.
  4. Familiarise yourself with the jumps, turns and gradients before you start jumping.
  5. Check the take offs, landings and surface to make sure that they are safe to ride on prior to jumping.  If you start jumping it is deemed that you have approved the safety of the going, take offs and landings and jumps.
  6. All jumps are flagged to determine the direction which you are expected to jump the fences. Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre bear no responsibility if clients jump fences in the opposite direction to which they are flagged.
  7. There are jumps and obstacles of varying difficulty, stay within your comfort and safety level and don’t overface you or your horse.
  8. No lunging or longreining.
  9. Please ensure that the heights and striding distances are suitable for you and your horse, if not, do not jump those fences.



XC Schooling field
XC Schooling
XC schooling field 2