The price to use the gallop is £17/horse.

We have a 4.5 furlong all weather gallop for you to get your horses fit.

The gallop is perfectly straight, rising over 100 feet from the start to the finish and set on three precise grades.

The gallops are fenced on both sides with Duraloc fencing but there are slip rails strategically placed should we need to access the gallops.

Grazing cattle are kept back by wooden fences so you’ve a 6m grass strip either side of the gallop so your horse doesn’t get distracted.

Access to the gallops is easy, its just a short walk from the main car park. There’s a warm up ring at the bottom, affectionally known as ‘the donut’ where you can warm up while others do their work or warm down after you’ve done your fitness work.

Please call the office to make a booking. We do not take bookings via the website, email, facebook or any other social media route.

If you would like to check if a facility is available when you require, please click here to complete an enquiry form. This does NOT constitute a booking.

We will give you a call to confirm details and availability. Until that happens, this is NOT a confirmed booking.


The surface is a Martin Collins Active Track.

Gallops are harrowed every morning before clients use the surfaces.

The gallops are ideal for all horses at all levels of fitness but please bear in mind that the faster horses tend to do their work in the morning so if you’re planning to go a bit slower then please come later on.

For safety reasons hard hats and body protectors MUST be worn.

In extreme weather it may be necessary for us to close the access off to the donut or gallops, please check the facility status or call if the weather’s bad to check availability and to avoid any disappointment.

Clothing & Equipment

  1. All riders must wear correctly fitted BSI Skull Caps to the current safety standard.  (PAS 015, VG1 01040, ASTM F1163 – (2004a or 04a onwards), SNELL E2001 or E2006, AS or NZS (3838 2006 onwards).
  2. Approved riding footwear must be worn.
  3. Up to standard (purple label 2009) Body Protectors are compulsory.


Using the Gallops

  1. Make sure you have the centre phone number on your phone 07809 689972.
  2. Horses are not allowed on the gallops if they are being maintained/harrowed.
  3. Stick to your start and finish time.
  4. Close the field gate onto the gallops.
  5. Please use the warm up and cool down area do not use the gallops for walking or trotting up.
  6. You may use the gallop in both directions but it is essential that clients use their sense if other users are also using the gallop. If you see someone waiting at the bottom, please either trot or canter. back down the gallop or use the return sand track.
  7. If you start galloping it is deemed that you have approved the safety of the going and environment.