If you’ve got the time we could really do with your help!

There’s lots of ways to be part of our volunteer army and there’s lots to be had from getting involved.

As well as the feeling of being involved we can offer discounts, vouchers and valuable experience to our volunteers.

We are always looking for help running events whether that’s at multi day events like our horse trials or one day events based at the centre. You might be an experienced fence judge or an equine student or simply someone who wants to experience the thrill of being part of the action, please give us a call or drop us an email. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never helped out as a volunteer before we’ll make sure you get a briefing and information on what’s involved.

If you would like to be a volunteer just fill out the form below with some of your details and we’ll get back in touch. Age can be a barrier to some roles so please let us know that you meet our minimum age criteria. If you’re a student and looking to do a work placement please also fill out this form and tell us what you would like to gain from the experience so we can ensure that if at all possible we can deliver it.

To put everything onto perspective it takes approximately 120 volunteers to run each day of our British Eventing affiliated horse trials. That’s a massive challenge for the organising team. It all starts as you enter the site, there’s 5 people assisting in the car park, 3 in the secretaries tent, 6 dressage judges, 6 writers, 6 arena stewards, 2 on tack check, and a chief dressage steward. Then in the show jumping there are 3 in the control box, an arena steward and a team of 5 or so picking up jump poles. After that and with approx 25 fences on the cross country course there’s a need for 40 fence judges, a starting crew of approx 4, and control another 4 and a chief steward. The scores from each discipline are collated by a team of provisional scorers, at dressage, show jumping and cross country control and these are sent to a team of scorers to collate. On top off all this there are the caterers, drinks carriers, paramedics, human ambulance team, horse ambulance, vet, doctors, farriers, fence repair and BE officials. It’s a massive task and we can’t afford to pay everyone so we rely on the goodwill of clients, clubs, competitors and friends to volunteer for a role on the day. It’s a great way to get involved and we provide a packed lunch and drinks throughout the day, as well as a bottle of wine or voucher for our facilities as a thank you.