We will be open if we can be but we will always follow government guidelines and protocols for mitigating the risks for catching covid 19.

On top of the governments guidance from the department of culture, media and sport (DCMS) we will also follow the guidance provided by bodies that we are affiliated to, so any BE, BD or BS policy statements will also be adhered to.


Of course there’s things we can do:

  • We provide hand sanitiser outside each toilet in the café, outside the main public toilet block and on entry into the building through the reception or café. Please use the sanitiser provided.
  • We can also provide hand sanitiser on the way into and out of the arenas and cross country schooling field.
  • We can ventilate the café, as part of the café and viewing rooms that are air conditioned we also installed ventilation so we can vent the rooms to reduce any virus load.
  • When we are asked to we will limit the attendance of spectators, reduce the number of competitors using the warm up and limit the number of stewards in the arenas.
  • Where possible we operate a one touch policy.
  • If needed we will reduce the café service to take away options only.


There are things that you can do as an individual that will also allow you to personally reduce your risk of infection or infecting someone else.


Please use the hands, face and space slogan as a guide.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Wear a mask, even if you don’t believe they work many people do and it will ease their anxiety
  • Please socially distance yourselves.
  • Use the sanitiser we provide and let us know if any has just run out.
  • Also please get inoculated, this reduces the risk of you getting a severe infection and reduces the chance of you transmitting the disease, no vaccine is perfect and we don’t support any of the conspiracy theories.
  • If you have any symptoms of corona virus infection then please don’t come to the centre, take the honourable option of skipping this competition out, there will be plenty of other chances to compete but not if our staff are infected.