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Sarah Dobell Test Riding Clinic with FULL boards and Flowers - Sunday 5th September

05/09/2021 9am onwards

Call today to book the incredibly popular test riding clinic with Sarah Dobell List 3 British Dressage Judge and Coach.
The clinic is open to levels Intro - Advanced, BE tests and Music.
When you call please state what test you would like to ride or you can just have a training session.

On the day:
You will have 30 minute to warm up in the covered Primrose arena. You will then be called into the spectacular indoor arena, where you will be belled to start your dressage tests. After the test you will be given training on how to improve your marks. You can them pick up your scored test sheet from reception.

This is a great opportunity to practise your test in a controlled environment with professional feedback.

£40 per 30minute test riding session. - Limited to 1 horse at a time.

Times available:

20 x 40 arena:
9:00am - 12noon

20 x 60 arena:
12:30pm - 3:00pm
3:30pm - 6:00pm

Stables available

Stables available

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