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East Cheshire Combined Training Dressage Competition

25/08/2019 TBC

East Cheshire Combined Training

Open to both members and non-members (£5 day ticket fee applicable to non-members). Don’t forget membership for the year is only £30 – speak to a member of committee to find out more about the benefits.

Intro B 2009
Prelim 7 2005
Prelim 18 2002
Novice 28 2008
Novice 27 2007

Sally Filby
Samantha Foxall
Helen Walker.

All entries are to be made and paid for in advance, either online using Horse Monkey here or by post.

For more information please do contact Lucy Filby on 07872 822708 or contact East Cheshire Combined Training Group directly.

Stables available

Stables available

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