Forthcoming Events

Kelsall Hill Summer Arena Eventing Clear Round

28/07/2019 9am onwards

Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre

A clear round will be held over the summer arena eventing course, built by Gilly Milner, for all those who weren’t successful or those who just fancy a go at something new! It will take place around the new lakes at Kelsall Hill, which will be in the same format as the competition.

Time slots will be allocated to each class depending upon the demand and popularity; therefore the timing could be subject to change on the day.
The day will start with;
• 70cm, approximately running from 9am till 11am
• 80cm, approximately running from 11.15am till 1pm
• 90cm, approximately running from 1.15pm till 3pm
• 100cm, approximately running from 3.15pm till 4pm


There will be an arena provide for warming up prior to your round.

The clear round will work on a turn up, pay and go system. Please turn up in the time slots allocated to the class in which you wish to participate in, allow plenty of time in case of increased interest.

The price is £15 per round, payment must be made in the office completing the clear round. A ticket will be provided once paid from the office, in which you hand to the collecting ring steward before entering the arena. If you wish to have another go, a new ticket must be purchased before jumping again.


Stables available

Stables available

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