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TRE XC round 2 with Luncinda Green MBE

03/10/2018 9am onwards

Tudor Rose Equine

We are absolutely thrilled to have our favourite Queen of Eventing back to TRE for another round of training over at our ambassador Venue Kelsall Hill on Wednesday 3rd October.

The one and only.. Lucinda Green MBE..the best of the best, the cream of the crop.. a truly amazing lady who's glittering career spans decades...World champion..2 time European champion...olympic champion.. 6 time badminton winner..Lucinda has forgotten more about our sport than most of us will learn in a lifetime as many of you got a sneak preview from our training day video clips!

Suitable for all abilities, Sessions will be a whole 2 hours long per horse rider combination to ensure good quality training time is achieved and will be personal level based groups ( so please confirm your level when booking and please be honest about your ability!) priced at £125. Spectators are also welcome but will be charged at £10 per person welcome though the day.

Lucinda has the latest in technology to bring the lesson to everyone with speaker systems in place so all horse / rider combinations can hear instruction clearly but also spectators can enjoy the wonderful teachings ( and amazing stories!) At the same time.

Please contact Tudor Rose Equine directly for booking and info. Standard policy payment secures booking & No refunds unless TRE cancel the event. Transfer of places may be completed outside of TRE but riders must inform us of any changes made to their booking.

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Stables available

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