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Combined Training - Sunday 16th January

16/01/2022 Time TBC

Combined Training is a competition based on both dressage and showjumping.

You will first complete your 20 x 40 dressage test in the outdoor arena then have a break to get ready for your showjumping course which will be in the indoor arena, over our BS track.

Depending on if you are riding a BD or BE tests the penalties that you gain in the showjumping phase will either be added to your dressage score (BE) or deducted from your dressage score (BD) - this is how we will determine our winner.

Class 1 - 60cm - Intro A
Class 2 - 70cm - Prelim 2
Class 3 - 80cm - Novice 24
Class 4 - 90cm - BE 96
Class 5 - 100cm - BE 101

£25 per class

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Stables available

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