Gallops: Available for racehorse trainers & leisure riders

Kelsall Hill All Weather Horse Gallop

4.5 furlong, public horse gallop for hire rising over 100ft from the Cheshire plains, wax coated Martin Collins all weather surface

Please note our gallops will be CLOSED on Thursday 18th October from 11am until 5.30pm.

The gallops are for public use as well as for liveries and are open every day. Please call the office to book, we cannot guarantee you will have the gallop to yourself.

Anyone can use the gallop for fitness work from racehorse & point to point trainers to endurance & leisure riders but please be mindful of each others' needs. You can combine the gallops with other products such as the farm ride, cross country or arena for a combo discounted rate. We tend to find that mornings are busiest for racehorses so if you're not planning to ride at that speed please come a little later in the day.

The gallop has a warm up track to loosen up muscles and then there's a 940m perfectly straight gallop to train on with a Martin Collins Activ Track waxed surface, Duraloc fenced on both sides, rising up over 100 feet to the top. After that there's a sand surfaced track to return to the start of the gallop for another go or to the car park. If you are doing interval training we don't mind you returning to the start by riding back down the gallop.

This facility is excellent for building fitness, stamina, suppleness and strength or simply if you just want a good blast!

Terms & Conditions For Using The All Weather Gallops

1) There are four rates that clients can be charged for using the gallop.

Band A Pay on the day,£15/horse, pay on the day
Band B Loyalty Card, every 5th horse free,effectively £12/horse & pay on the day
Band C Regular User: every 4th horse free, works out at £11.25 & pay on invoice.
Band D Superior User: every 3rd horse free, works out at £10/horse & pay on invoice

Band A: To suit the occasional user.

Band B: This gives a 20% discount to regular users that can hang on to their cards. If you do not present your card on arrival it will not be stamped. NO cards will be stamped retrospectively.

All clients in Band A and B will be expected to pay on arrival, there will be no exceptions to this so please do not embarrass staff by asking them to pay when leaving or by ignoring them.

Band C: Rewards clients that bring a volume business on a weekly basis

Band D: Additional discounts for high volume business must be 15+ horses/week

No client can choose to be put onto C or D. You may request to be invoiced but all credit terms must be agreed with Phil Latham personally and all invoices must be paid within 14 days of date issued.

2) Our aim is to be open 365 days a year but there are occasions when the weather does not permit this. To find out if we’re open or not:

Before 9am: Please check our to see if we’re open.
9am and 5pm: Please call the office on 07809689972.

3) Our goal is to provide clients with a first class gallop on which to train. We harrow the gallop every morning before 9.00am. Additional harrowing on busy days may be done at Jamie’s discretion. Clients that wish to use the gallop before this time need to call the day before and in office hours. If the yards are icy we will endeavour to grit them.

4) We would prefer clients to book in prior to coming just so we can indicate the level of use to other potential users. We cannot offer exclusivity in the mornings but may be able to offer this in the afternoons. Please call us if have specific requirements.

5) Clients may use the gallop in both directions but it is essential that clients use their sense if other users are also using the gallop to minimise the inconvenience. Clients are asked to use the return sand track to cool down.

6) Clients that wish to canter must not get in the way of clients that wish to gallop and must either choose to follow the speedier horses up the gallop and use the sand track or wait until those galloping have finished their work.

7) No dogs are to be taken down to the gallop unless they are accompanied by someone not riding and they MUST be on a lead.

8) Impolite behaviour will not be tolerated and poor conduct may result in a client being advised to find an alternative facility to use.

9) No clients can use stables to hold horses without the express permission from the office team and this must be on the day in question. Any stable that is used must be mucked out after use or a fine of £10/stable used will be applied if Kelsall Staff have to clear up droppings.

Due to the irrational and disappointing behaviour of some clients it has become apparent that we need some additional clauses to cover those seeking additional and fraudulent value from our facilities:

10) Any clients that use the gallops without paying will be subject to additional charges for use and will be charged £25 for each horse that used the facility and will be asked not to come back.

11) It is totally unacceptable to try and get additional stamps for loyalty cards either for retrospective use or by deliberately misleading staff, clients that behave like this will be reminded of this and may be asked to find alternative facilities to use.

12) Clients that deliberately lie about the number of horses that they bring will be charged £25/horse that they lied about and will be asked to find alternative facilities to use.

The owners of Kelsall Hill LTD will not tolerate any behaviour which falls into categories 10, 11 and 12 and may take further action if thought necessary to redeem losses from clients that see paying for what they use as optional.

Kelsall Hill LTD is proud to support the Cheshire Racing Hub and to be involved with the development of horse racing in the county.

Kelsall Hill LTD is extremely grateful for the grant assistance given from the North West Development Agency and the Rural Development Programme for England. Please click on the logos below for further information on the relevant organisations:

Horse and Rider Safety

It is a condition of use that all riders adhere to the rules regarding use of the gallop. These are available from the office.

For safety's sake we have invested over £20,000 in erecting Duraloc running rails and we have six slip rails in the fencing to allow riders to abort their ride if necessary.

Should a horse or rider need medical attention we also have the added advantage that the fencing will unclip to allow horses to exit the gallop or to allow access for a vehicle to any part of the track.

Key Suppliers and Contractors for this project

Dee and Hayden come for a test drive

Haydens verdict on our gallops..... AWESOME!!!

Martin Collins Activ Track

Consistent surface & there's no where to hide when climbing 100 feet from the Cheshire Plain!

And there off!! 2 riders try out the ride for their first time....

And they're off!!